Name of programme                     PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND LIFESTYLE

Qualification awarded                    Bachelor of  Sports

Additional features:                        PAL Consortium Certificate

Length of the programme              3,5 years (7 semesters)

Scope of programme (ECTS)        210 ECTS

Language of instruction                 English

Location                                         Kaunas, Lithuania

Starting date                                  1st of September

Tuition fee for Non-EU students    TBC



To train physical activity and lifestyle specialists on the grounds of international level achievements in applied science and technology who would be able to apply the principles of educational consulting and health promoting physical activity; ensure help in changing  lifestyle and identity at the first, second and third prevention levels; work in rehabilitation institutions as healthy lifestyle educators (trainers) as well as in business sector.



All the PAL programme modules are distributed within seven semesters:

1.     Introductory semester.  Introduction into teaching didactics & physical activity, public health, applied basic health sciences, behavioural change models, presentation & communication and project management are offered both in theoretical and practical ways.

2.     Health Enhancing Physical Activity. Students will get to know Physical Activity programmes suitable for various stages of health and fitness levels of target groups.

3.     Changing Behaviour. Students will study and practice basic counselling skills in order to help the clients to adapt to a long term healthy lifestyle.

4.     Nutrition. Students will learn about healthy nutrition, European cultural and policy differences in diet, diet-related health; also they will help the clients learn how to change eating habits.

5.     Entrepreneurship. The focus is made on possible job scenarios and students’ abilities to deal with various work environments as well as on employment policy and strategy.

6.     Basic University Studies and Internship. Students will study basic university subjects as well as have their internship. The study programme internship covers 15 credits (duration – 3 months). Students will be able to choose places for internship abroad.

7.     An Integrated Final Project.



European Bachelor of Physical Activity and Lifestyle study is an interdisciplinary programme. The competences of graduates overlap in Sports, Education, Psychology, Public Health and Management areas. In this way the programme provides a huge advantage to students compared to other similar study programmes. Programme competencies:

Reflection/ Professional orientation/ Assessing/ Changing behaviour/ Research/ Development and innovations/ Entrepreneurship/ Policy making/ Comprehensive knowledge and management of ideas/ Health enhancing physical activity.



The competences developed will enable graduates to flexibly and quickly adapt to changes in labour market, be employed as healthy lifestyle consultants in private or public companies or business establishments, private and municipal sports and fitness centres, spas, beauty centres, companies which arrange recreational activities, and rehabilitation institutions. The specialists will be able to engage in private activities, notably through the establishment of their own advisory or wellness businesses. After completion of the pedagogical and psychological course, specialists can be employed in formal and non-formal educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, and municipal public health education and care as well as child care institutions).

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