Name of programme                        SPORTS COACHING

Qualification awarded                      Bachelor of  Sports

Length of the programme                4 years (8 semesters)

Scope of programme (ECTS)          240 ECTS

Language of instruction                   English 

Location                                           Kaunas, Lithuania

Starting date                                    1st of September

Tuition fee for Non-EU students      TBC

Coach in selected sports: basketball, judo, swimming, boxing, fitness.



The aim of this programme is to provide knowledge and skills to work in different areas related to coaching and to educate students to become sports coaches, skilled to promote participation in sport and to enhance the performance of athletes and teams.



Governance/  Rules and Regulations/  Techniques and Tactics/  Athletes' Capabilities and Stages of Development/  Growth and Development/  Medicine/  Nutrition/  Sports Biomechanics/  Physiology, Psychology and Sociology/  Coaching Methodology/  Coaching Philosophy/  Monitoring Training Process.



Extensive knowledge of coaching technologies/  To guide improvement on a sustained basis and understand the needs and progress of the athletes with whom they work/  To set the vision and strategy (short-term, mid-term and long-term planning of sessions, seasons and programmes)/  To build and maintain relationships with athletes, other coaches, support team and other people related to the programme/  To evaluate the programme and identify strengths to build on an weaknesses to address/  To be an innovative practitioner.



A Bachelor diploma provides the qualification to work in sports clubs, to work as a teacher of informal education at secondary schools, colleges, public and private sports organizations.

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