Name of programme                          EAST ASIA REGION STUDIES

Qualification awarded                         Master of Political Science

Field of study                                      Humanities

Study area                                          Social sciences

Length of the programme                   2 years (4 semesters)

Scope of programme (ECTS)            120 ECTS

Language of instruction                     English 

Location                                             Kaunas, Lithuania

Starting date                                      1st of September

Tuition fee for Non-EU students        TBC



The postgraduate programme of East Asia Region Studies (EARS) is the first and only graduate programme in Lithuania and Baltic States that offers English courses in the field of East Asian contemporary politics and society. The programme is mainly concentrated on modern political, economic, social and cultural issues of East Asian countries, i.e. Korea, Japan and China, but also provides possibility for students to study region’s history, traditions and religions. The best and most motivated students will be encouraged to study at least one semester abroad at one of partner universities in East Asia.

Feedback of lecturers and students

“This programme is especially good for people who come from various backgrounds. You have the freedom within the programme to study various topics about East Asia by using a kaleidoscope of approaches that engage students in a rigorous way. Also, the programme provides plenty of opportunities for exchanges – not only to study in countries of the region but also meet guests and speakers who come our way“.
Assoc. Prof. J. D. Mininger

Competencies acquired

Knowledge of contemporary politics, economics and society of China, Japan and Korea.
Ability to critically analyse East Asian and international political and economic processes.
Understanding of changes and development trends of East Asian countries.
Effective communication skills across East Asian cultures and audiences at a personal and professional level.
Ability to use research, communication and evaluation methods and tools in educational, informational, consultation and other activities.

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