Name of programme                             INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LAW

Qualification awarded                           Master of Law

Field of study                                        Law

Study area                                            Social sciences

Length of the programme                     1,5 years (3 semesters)

Scope of programme (ECTS)               90 ECTS

Language of instruction                        English 

Location                                                Kaunas, Lithuania

Starting date                                         1st of September

Tuition fee for Non-EU students           TBC



International Business Law (IBL) aims at preparing highly qualified specialists in the field of international business law able to independently analyse problems of business law in the context of international business, find effective solutions to legal issues and implement them in the international business environment. The main objectives of the IBL are associated with the results/competences that must be achieved/ acquired over the course of studies.

Feedback of lecturers, students and experts

The IBLMP was assessed by the team of international experts (from Germany, Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania) in 2016 and received highest evaluation and accreditation for 6 years. Experts highlighted these features of excellence of the Programme:

The compulsory elements of the IBL provide a scope wide enough to cover the essentials of the subject matter, while the choice of options provides ample opportunity for developing individual interest.
The Socratic method, problem-based learning and safeguarding holistic, systematic exploration of a given academic field, including a staged process of familiarizing students with a research experience, does not only carry academic value but also ensures development of hands-on, self-managerial competencies and skills.
Since the IBL is host to a considerable number of international scholars and practitioners on a regular base, the programme offers scope for the provision of international expertise.
Implementation of a tutoring and a mentoring system, by means of which advanced students are encouraged to help students with difficulties in the study process and by which support is given to foreign students.
The facilities provided, especially in terms of internet access, and provisions made for the disabled are commendable.
The Law Faculty has developed a high degree of quality culture in terms of openness for adaptation and improvement.

Competencies acquired

Having completed the IBL study program, students will be able:

To perform and to apply integrative analysis of the main legal acts regulating international business law.
To perform integrative analysis of the system of dispute settlement institutions, their competences and dispute settlement procedures in the international business law, as well as to make decisions about possible alternatives in cases when there is no consistent and defined legal regulation in the selection of a dispute settlement institution.
To perform integrative analysis of disputes arising in the international business law, to prepare innovative instrumentation for international business dispute resolution, to make decisions considering the alternatives in cases when there is no consistent and defined legal regulation.

To perform integrative analysis of international business legal relations, to prepare innovative instrumentation for the regulation of international business legal relations and argumentatively convey generalised information about international business legal relations.

Career opportunities

IBL is oriented not so much to the studies of national legal system but more to the studies of international business legal regulation principles, doctrine and legal norms. On the other hand, national component is not completely neglected but analysed more in a comparative perspective. Moreover, the IBL aims not only at the provision of special knowledge of international business legal regulation but also at giving skills necessary for solving problems in the area. Therefore, having graduated the IBL, students will be able to work in all spheres where law and international business could converge. The following main spheres of the future professional career of the graduates could be distinguished:

Legal profession (lawyers, judges, notaries, bailiffs (in Lithuania – only those with the BA in law);
Administration of bankruptcy or restructuration of companies;
Administration of companies (being the CEO) with the international component;
Legal counselling of companies.

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