Innovative Road and Bridge Engineering

Name of programme                   Innovative Road and Bridge Engineering (joint degree with Riga Technical University)

Qualification awarded                 Master of Engineering Sciences in Civil Engineering

Field of study                              Civil Engineering

Study area                                  Technological Sciences

Length of the programme           1,5 years (3 semesters)

Language of instruction              English 

Location                                      Vilnius, Lithuania

Starting date                               1st of September

Tuition fee for Non-EU students  TBC

Entry Qualifications: To this programme applicants are accepted from the fields of: Civil Engineering, Building Engineering, Road Engineering

It is a joint degree programme with Riga Technical University (RTU) students spend first semester in VGTU, secont semester in RTU and third semester depends on their choice of supervisor in VGTU or RTU. After graduation student receive both VGTU and RTU Master's degree diplomas.



To educate students who are able to apply the gained innovative road and bridge engineering science and practical knowledge for formulation, verification and independent making of effective engineering solutions, based on systematic, critical and constructive thinking/consideration and scientific argumentation, and having mastered scientific provisions of quantitative and qualitative cognition and interaction, and dependence of the provisions in question on different conditions. Moreover, the graduates are expected to be able to integrate and in a complex manner to employ road system management theories, innovative road and bridge design an technology engineering knowledge, which encompass the progress in construction, economics and other sciences and technologies.



To apply the potential of modern road and bridge information systems and the basic trends of their development in engineering, by application of theoretical knowledge, identification of risk and safety factors in bridge and road engineering.
Planning, design, creation, modelling and development methodologies and principal theoretical ways of solution for different purpose roads and transport system networks.
Latest bridge and road engineering ideology, state of the art scientific achievements and developed methodologies and technologies for individual application of scientific and engineering ideas.
To identify and critically appraise theoretical and practical novelties in road and bridge design, construction, maintenance and upgrading as well as traffic safety and to apply them in scientific and practical activities.
To perceive possible ethic, technical, economic, social consequences of the taken own solutions and the related responsibility, management of risk and safety conditions by establishing durability of road and bridge structures, and to justify the conclusions of own researches and reasoning in a substantiated way, to communicate them verbally and in writing in an understandable manner to different area and interest and different reduction background stakeholders.



Graduates may take leading positions at the state or municipal road sector management or maintenance entities or institutions, road and bridge research, maintenance, technical supervision, design or construction companies and organizations, can take post-graduate studies.

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