Name of programme                              SOCIAL AND POLITICAL CRITIQUE

Qualification awarded                             Master of Political Science

Field of study                                          Political Sciences and diplomacy

Study area                                             Social sciences

Length of the programme                       2 years (4 semesters)

Scope of programme (ECTS)               120 ECTS

Language of instruction                         English 

Location                                                 Kaunas, Lithuania

Starting date                                          1st of September

Tuition fee for Non-EU students            TBC



The master study programme of Social and Political Critique is a two-year programme featuring interdisciplinary coursework blending political, philosophical, and classical sociological theories with emphasis on practical issues of Central and Eastern Europe. The programme offers expertise in areas like: Frankfurt school thought and Critical Theory, propaganda analysis, postcolonial theories in Central and Eastern Europe, Soviet studies, transitology, politics of memory, intellectual history and the dissident tradition in Central Europe, politics and aesthetics, post-structuralist critique and modern political philosophy.

Some well-known professors could be mentioned: prof. Gintautas Mažeikis, prof. Robert van Voren, prof. Lauras Bielinis, prof. J.D. Mininger, prof. Andrius Bielskis, assoc. prof. Rasa Baločkaitė, assoc. prof. Jurga Jonutytė, assoc. prof. Tomas Kavaliauskas and others.

In their two years residence in Kaunas, students have the opportunities to explore Central Europe both in classroom and during the fieldtrips.

Feedback of lecturers

“You have to choose Social and Political Critique studies programme if you want to be public intellectual and a respected social critic“.
Prof. Gintautas Mažeikis, head of Department of Social and Political Theory

Competencies acquired

The Master programme provides students with advanced skills in social and political critique and strong knowledge of social, political and cultural affairs in Central and Eastern Europe.

Career opportunities

Graduates of the program will be prepared to work in: cultural industries; research, education and communication companies; governmental and the EU institutions; media, marketing and advertising business; development organizations and NGOs dealing with social, cultural and political issues.

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