Lasha Mironidze, 2016 graduate from Georgia

“Studying in Marketing and Integrated communication, Master degree programme, in Vilnius University was an extremely significant experience for my personal and professional development. It helped me to broaden my intellectual abilities and shaped my views by getting high quality international education. 
The most exciting thing during the studies was an amazing opportunity to have lectures and discussions with marketing professionals invited from leading international companies. Herewith, intercultural diversity of students combined with business climate in the Faculty of Economics, made studies especially attractive. New environment, new challenges and communication with highly qualified professors helped me to gain awareness of marketing insights, useful skills, knowledge and competences.
After graduating from the university, career office supported me to get an internship in marketing department of one of the leading international company. Therefore, I am proud and happy to have master degree diploma of Vilnius University, which is a door opener for my professional career.
In conclusion, I would like to say that Vilnius is a great place for student life and social development. City of friendly and hospitable people, beautiful streets, active night life – that’s how I describe it.”